hey jason!

thanks for reviewing my work. i’ve been fortunate to work on some fun design projects recently that i’m happy to share today.

project #1: groupbuzz’s marketing website redesign (exploration)


this is a marketing website i worked on just last week. the app excels at organizing email discussions but is currently positioned as a community forum app. it has struggled to gain traction so i thought it needed a facelift.


after spending a few hours exploring a rebrand and new positioning for the site, i targeted a new use case: group email discussions. i thought this use case could unlock a broader market for the app and highlight its best features.

project #2: folyo’s online learning experience redesign


my training program was generating good results for students, but based on customer surveys some students struggled with keeping track of their progress and referring back to material.


after spending two days redesigning the course interface (built on wordpress) i shipped a new version designed to increase the perceived value of the material and make it easier to refer back to specific lessons and worksheets.

project #3: inter community forums product design

new product

this is a community forum app concept that i designed a few months ago. it was a "scratch your own itch" idea that i've always wanted to build. it allows you to build your own reddit / hacker news style community for your niche in a few minutes. i designed and coded the product's front-end views from scratch in rails. the app is now working and in use on my website.

project #4: charm’s email support app design update


this was an email support app that originally launched in 2008 but was shutdown due to technical issues. the old app had a great design but it’s codebase was no longer usable.


after spending about a month recreating charm’s design from scratch, we had a working prototype. my goal was to keep the original design's overall feel while updating certain elements that looked dated. i worked with a single developer to build this working protoype.

project #5: charm’s tabs

since everything so far has been really high-level, i thought i'd close with a closer look at a specific design problem that i worked on during the month we updated charm…


the previous version of the app had a fun and distinctive navigation system but presented some usability problems:


my goal was to keep the look of the tabs but fix the usability problems they presented. it was a bit of a challenge and took longer than i expected to come to a solution. almost everything i tried either lost the distinctive colors or presented new usability problems. the solution was to:

that's it!

about the work:

  • all projects were done in the last year or so
  • i was the sole designer for all projects
  • all work was self-directed
  • all work was done in HTML/CSS/JS/Rails (unless noted)

about me:

  • i live in menifee, california
  • i have a bachelor’s degree in graphic design
  • happy to provide links to live projects where applicable
  • happy / available to chat anytime!